Wood carving is one of the simplest forms of creativity, and the beauty of it is magnificent to behold.

Creating is a basic human need. Especially in todays world of doing the same task repeatedly, we should have a way to express our uniqueness.
Wood carving allows you to be as expressive as you can, without needing a huge shop, or a lot of tools.

Getting That Carvers High

Just like runners get their runners high, wood carving delivers dopamine to our brains, and it’s easier on your knees.
When you’re focused on a carving, you can easily forget about life’s B.S.
Watching the form emerge from a piece of wood, and seeing the grain come to life before your eyes, is surreal. When your carving is finished, and you see the hundreds of tiny details that you created. The feeling of satisfaction, only leaves you craving another piece of wood that you can bring to life.

Now The High Is An Addiction

Your first carving is just a gateway carving. You probably carved a wood spirit. It’s alright, we all do. Whatever it was, if you enjoyed the experience, you want more. Your first carving will teach you where your strengths and weaknesses are. The first thing you’ll want to do is correct some mistakes you made in the first carving.
From that point, only you will know how deep the addiction will go.

There are no rules to carving

When you create something out of a piece of wood, you are the creative eye. You create whatever the piece of wood reveals to you. You can use whatever means you have available to create whatever you want. You can choose to be a purest, who only uses chisels and knives. Or you can breakout your chainsaw and use it with the control it takes to eat with chopsticks. I use whatever the best tool I have in the shop for that particular carve.

Your Carvings Could Make You Some Cash

After a little practice you will develop your style of carving, and find something that you’re good at carving. It won’t be long after that when your family and friends will start asking for your carvings. Or you will have so many of them around your shop that you need to start selling some.
Either at the farmers market, or online, if you’re as good as you think you are, your carvings will sell.
If you’re carving just to make money on the side, find a product that you can make fast.
If you’re carving for the enjoyment, and find that you can carve something exceptional and artistic. There is a chance you could sell in a higher price range.

Is woodcarving hard to do?

Learning how to use the tools is a skill that comes fairly quickly. Taking your time and working small details for a long period of time is a skill that is harder to learn. To carve wood takes patience, if you want to create what you really see in the piece of wood.
It’s your carving. Take the time to create something amazing.